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Amandeep Singh

Education & Immigration Advisor / European Education Expert

Amandeep Singh , has worked in the field of education consulting for more than 8 years. More than anything, he is a teacher at heart, with a wealth of experience in placing students in foreign universities. He is an approachable leader guiding thousands of students to fulfil their studying abroad aspirations by regular mentoring and conducting seminars. He has a well-deserved reputation for being thorough, forthright and trustworthy, as well as being able to pinpoint and describe the unique qualities and attributes of students assessed for overseas education by him. He has studied and lived in New Zealand and Europe( Germany & Ireland) , therefore possess the understanding of the situational scenarios a student encounters in the decision making of being abroad.

What we do!

Study Abroad Consultation

Amandeep is an expert consultant for international education. He has become a trusted support for students who are looking for an education in abroad.

Advice on Settling in Europe

Better education, productive jobs, and a higher standard of living are some of the factors that make many people move to a different country.

Guidance on Tourist / Business Visa

There are many beautiful countries for you to explore! And many unexplored markets to develop your business!

Scholarship Guidance

Want to study abroad with scholarship? We got you covered! We understand how much a scholarship would ease your financial strain while pursuing a course abroad,

Assistance with Family Re-unification

If your loved ones are abroad and you want to join them, apply for family reunification. Join your spouse, civil partner, parents,

Assistance for Citizenship-by-Investment

Do you want to invest and be part of the economy of a foreign country and get citizenship with that?

Comments from our students!

Countries you may want to explore!

The Visa obtaining process!

Explore to find the visa obtaining process to study in different countries.

US Student Visa

The United States welcomes foreign citizens who come to the U.S. to study. Before applying for a visa, all student visa applicants are required to be accepted and approved by their school or program.

UK Student Visa

UK visa requirements and general immigration criteria are managed by UK Visas and Immigration, which has an easy-to-navigate site to help you determine whether you need a UK student visa. While Swiss nationals and those from the EU/EEA states do not currently need a visa to study in the UK, all other international students are likely to need one.

Australia Student Visa

Australia is a fascinating country that blends numerous study opportunities provided by some of the best universities worldwide along with amazing attractions and leisure options.

Canada Student Visa

Canada continues to attract a steady volume of students from India. While getting admission to Top Universities in Canada continues to require excellent academic score, the permission to study is validated by means of a Study Permit.

New Zealand Student Visa

If your studies in New Zealand requires you to stay more than three month there, you should get a student visa which will allow you to study full-time in New Zealand and permits you to stay for a specific period of time.

Ireland Student Visa

You will need a student visa to study in Ireland unless you are from an EU country. If your course requires you to stay in Ireland for three months or less, you can apply for a short stay visa or a ‘C Study Visa’. If it takes longer than 3 months you should apply for a long stay visa or a ‘D Study Visa’.

Schengen Student Visa

The Schengen area consisting of 26 counties is a great boon for international students. This international zone acknowledging the abolishment of internal borders with other member nations for the free flow of materials, services and people!

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Visa success stories

Top study abroad destinations

Here's your complete guide to study in Europe. Know about each countries you may want to explore!

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