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Quick facts

  • Population - 8,823,054
  • Capital - Vienna
  • Language - Austrian German
  • GDP - $49,247 [per capita]
  • Currency - Euro

Why Austria?

Austria is a top tourist destination which is as a result of its location, historical and cultural importance. The education system of the country is also par excellence making it a beautifully desirable destination for international students. Austria has one of the oldest universities in Europe, Universität Wien - the University of Vienna. It is ranked one of the top countries in the universities ranking in terms of the number of students – there are over 90,000 people studying there. The University of Vienna focuses on Humanities and Natural Sciences.

The University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, famous for its talented graduates, is equally prestigious. Every year the most gifted European musicians and artists compete for a place to study at this university. The cities of Linz, Graz, and Innsbruck are also a homeland of top universities with courses in Engineering and Technology, Economics, Humanities, Medicine, Natural Sciences attracting students from all around the world. The faculties are diverse with professionals from Austria, Germany, other European counties and the USA, what gives superb opportunities of international development in the chosen field of study.Diplomas from Austrian universities qualify throughout Europe.

Higher Education in Austria

Universities in Austria operate undergraduate and post-graduate programs. The system of education is both practical and research based with an aim to produce efficient students. The standard is quite high hence the recruitment process is rigorous.


Austria is one of the most welcoming study abroad destination and so is their scholarship providers! You will find various types of scholarships designed for international students to explore different educational disciplines. These scholarships will be a great help for international students to study in Austria. Check out these offers for a variety of readily available Austria scholarships and apply without delay. Click here for the details. https://scholarship-positions.com/category/austria-scholarships/


  • English language proficiency: IELTS, TOEFL;
  • A certificate of special qualification for university studies (Nachweis der besonderen Universitätsreife): you must prove that you’re entitled to follow university studies in your chosen field.
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