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Quick facts

  • Population - 1,925,700
  • Capital - Riga
  • Language - Latvian
  • GDP - $18,472 [per capita]
  • Currency - Euro (€) (EUR)

Why Latvia?

Located along the eastern coast of the Baltic sea, Latvia is considered a geographic hotspot for its role as a crossroad between the East, West, North and South. It shares borders alongside fellow Baltic states, Estonia and Lithuania, and other countries such as Belarus, Russia and Sweden. Due to its unique location, it has been influenced by the varied traditions of its neighboring countries, thus offering a multi-cultural experience for students taking up an education in Latvia.

Those pursuing an education in Latvia will also notice that the nation’s openness to outside influences is evident in its education system, as Latvian higher education institutions are active members of international organizations in various fields of study.

Foreigners taking up an education in Latvia are not an uncommon sight either, as the Latvian education system had more than 5,400 international enrollees in 2016, with the number growing steadily every year.

Higher Education in Latvia

Universities and other higher education institutions run both academic and professional programmes, e.g. lawyer, teacher, translator, marine mechanic etc. Bachelor's and master's degrees are awarded in both academic and professional higher education programmes. Graduates of both types of bachelor's and master’s degrees have access to further studies.

The objectives of professional higher education are to provide in-depth knowledge in a particular field, preparing graduates for design or improvement of systems, products and technologies, as well as to prepare them for creative, research and teaching activities in this field.


Latvian Government is now accepting applications for ‘Study Scholarships’ to pursue undergraduate, master and PhD degree. These scholarships are available to international students for the academic year 2018-2019. Scholarships are offered to foreign students, researchers and teaching staff who have successfully completed at least one academic year of studies for studies, research and participation in summer schools.
https://www.scholarshipportal.com/scholarships/latvia Click here for more details.


  • 4.5 Minimum IELTS Academic score for undergraduate studies
  • 6.0 Minimum IELTS Academic score for graduate studies
  • INTAKE May / June

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