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Quick facts

  • Population - 2,800,667
  • Capital - Vilnius
  • Language - Lithuanian
  • GDP - $19,534 [per capita]
  • Currency - Euro (€) (EUR)

Why Lithuania?

Experts in laser technologies, medicine, information and biotechnologies, architects and artists have been promoting Lithuania abroad for quite some time now. Many professionals have accumulated their knowledge in the higher education institutions of our country. Lithuania is a crossroad between Western and Eastern Europe, and despite its complicated history, has developed a unique culture, which encompasses both deep respect for traditions and a robust wish to learn and innovate. The population of foreign students keeps rising – in 2015, 12% more students came to study in Lithuania (4652 in total). Another few thousand students come to study under various student Exchange programmes. According to surveys, 94.2% of foreign students would recommend studying in Lithuania to their friends. Currently there are students from 95 different countries of the world studying in Lithuania.

Higher Education in Lithuania

Higher education in Lithuania is available at Universities or Colleges. The higher education institutions follow the guidelines of the Bologna declaration. The purpose of the process is to create educational standards for academic degrees and quality assurance, in order to make it easier for students to move from one European country to another and to improve the overall quality of European higher education. The system also incorporates aspects of the American higher education system and thus simplifies comparison.

It takes a duration of 3 years (180 ECTS credits) towards a professional bachelor or an academic bachelor. Offers students core teaching in the chosen discipline, as well as a broad general education. The academic bachelor gives access to master's studies of 1 or 2 years (60 or 120 ECTS credits). Provides specialized content whilst allowing for further development of the scientific research process.

After obtaining a Master's degree, students can choose to pursue research projects leading to a Doctorate degree (PhD). PhD's are only awarded by Universities.


  • Good Speaking in English (No need IELTS)
  • INTAKE September / February

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