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Quick facts

  • Population - 10,291,027
  • Capital - Lisbon
  • Language - Portuguese
  • GDP - $27,186 [per capita]
  • Currency - Euro[c] (€) (EUR)

Why Portugal?

The beautiful scenery, exciting mixture of old buildings and new life, and the affordable lifestyle that accompanies studying in Portugal are just a short list of the advantages for international students in Portugal. With a small number of universities from which to choose, and owning the third most widely spoken language in Europe outside of English and Spanish, this country is a huge draw for international students. The excellent education and beautiful Mediterranean climate make Portugal a top choice for international students around the world. The educational quality of studying in Portugal dates back to 1290AD, when the ninth oldest university in the world was established and the standard of education was cultivated. Due to the emphasis on education and culture, there are several ways that international students studying in Portugal can become a part of the life of Portugal.

Higher Education in Portugal

Educational institutions in Portugal are divided into universities and polytechnics, which provide profession-based training. Both kinds of institution can either be public or private. There are currently 14 public universities and 20 public polytechnics in Portugal, and 36 private universities and 64 private polytechnics.

Polytechnic universities provide vocational, career-based training in fields such as nursing, education, accounting and healthcare, whilst degrees in medicine, law natural sciences, economics or psychology are offered by universities. There is also some crossover, with fields including engineering, technology, management, education sports and humanities taught in both university and polytechnic systems. Generally, students wanting a more generic academic degree should enroll in a university, while students pursuing a more specialized field should apply for a polytechnic university.


Although Portugal has made cuts in its education spending due to the financial crisis, higher education remains a priority for the government and state scholarships are still offered. There are also a large number of private scholarships available. The emphasis in the provision of scholarships is on post-graduate education, since basic fees in state universities for undergraduate degrees remain moderate – a little over 1,000€ a year.
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5.5-6.5 in IELTS tests or 550 points (written test), 213 points (computer-based) or 80 points (online) in TOEFL test.

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