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Student Reviews

Komal Sinha

Dreaming abroad

A Facebook ad led me to Amandeep and I thank myself for deciding to get a consultation from him! I was hesitant at first whether to go abroad or not. My parents didn’t want me to go abroad anyway. The way he convinced me and my family was just perfect. I mean who knew getting a student visa to Europe would be this easy?

Anand Dhiman

Deep knowledge & well managed

I think the best thing about this team is their deep knowledge and well managed and continuously motivated system! For all my doubts they kept giving the most clear answers and solutions. That itself earned the trust. The teamwork and knowledge must be appreciated.

Mayank Gupta

I recommend to you!

I would absolutely recommend Amandeep’s consultation to all my juniors! There’s no greater confidence than having the backup of a responsible and experienced team headed by a great expert in the field when it comes to applying for a student visa. If you are willing to go abroad just go get a consultation from him. The rest will be taken care of.

Manish Choudhary

Lifechanging consultation

Honestly, I was literally stranded after my Bachelor’s what career to go forward with. A friend suggested me to get a consultation from Amandeep and I decided to do it anyway. Wasn’t much hopeful. But that consultation changed my life forever. I was equipped with a new goal and I realized my passion! I would have lived anyway but not so satisfied like I am now! Thanks to you sir.

Gurpreet Kaur

The process simplified!

Having consulted more than one abroad education consultancies I was aware of the complications of the visa obtaining process. Somehow ended up at Amandeep’s team and realized these complications can be simplified so much! I was extremely happy with the service they provided and the way they treated me and all their clients!

Karan Sethi

Transparent service!

One great thing to be noted about Amandeep and his team would the transparency of the service they provide. Each person who approach this team can be confident about all the legalities of the process. They walk us through the whole process with their experts!

Prince Bharadwaj

Leading the path!

After my graduation I was literally stranded about what to do next. I had no goal, vision or direction. Ending up with Amandeep changed the scenario! He studied me and told me the best thing that will fit my character and brain in! I was surprised to know that I too had a passion to pursue.

Sweta Pandey

Changed my perspective!

True that I wasn’t this daring before! Going abroad changed my whole perspective on life. I never even thought that life could be this joyful, adventurous and full of beautiful lessons. Who do I thank for this other than Amandeep and his team of experts?

Anu Chahal

New life abroad!

New nation, new passion, new friends, new college, new dreams, new adventures and a whole new life with the promise of a brand new future! All because of the right guidance of Amandeep and team. I would strongly recommend for anyone!

Ravinder Sharma

Teamwork and client treatment!

Kudos to the team for keeping up the good work! I am more than satisfied to have availed your service. Where else do you find the family like treatment anyway?

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